Club the A


 Situated in the heart of Gangnam, CLUB THE A has been created following our DCT approach of closely interweaving Design, Culture and Technology. This integrative philosophy is the foundation for our ability to create highly space-specific experiences.

The Solution

The design concept follows a reduced abstraction of the letter ‘A’, expressed in the triangle. The three-sided polygon is not only the smallest design unit for coloured patterns and sculptural installations, but builds the foundation for the whole BI and visual identity system. We translated CLUB THE A’s slogan Art into the Music into a designated area which functions as a white cube, or better ‘white corridor’ within the club, ready for exhibitions, special branded environments and media art installations for musicians, events, or sponsors. This for a club unusual space concept adds another content layer to the already rich sensual experience. With special attention paid to the dj booth, it is one the most iconic structures in the club. The pyramidal booth is made of triangles with an integrated custom-made LED system which provides the iconic glow. The dj booth unit is fully mobile and can thus respond to the diverse requirements of spatial use to be expected in the club.


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