adidas NMD_Past Empowers Future

Creative Director : Younjin Jeong, Jinyoung Yoon
Project Coordinator : Jinsik Moon
Space Design Team :  Hyunwoo sa, Yoonjin Lee
Graphic Design : Minjeong Choi

‘A new urban path’
Inspired by the innovative sneaker for urban nomads, the NMD, URBANTAINER has designed a new type of exhibition with an integrated digital platform. The exhibition transcends the boundaries of the physical city and deeply integrates cultural formats in collaboration with 8 young artists. The starting point for the exhibition was the space itself–the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) with its parametric design by Zaha Hadid. The DDP projects future values that integrate history, culture, social and economic dimensions and lends itself as perfect basis for the topic of the exhibition.

The NMD reflects the idea, that “the search for inspiration begins in the city,” and combines features of the iconic DNA of adidas Originals and core innovative technologies like the Boost and Primeknit. In order to provide a new path for deciphering the city, the exhibition invited 8 artist groups to share their story of exploration and discovery.

History & Archive

This area was dedicated to showcasing the NMD’s identity which extends past iconic designs by a contemporary sense and functional design. 
8 large screen display modules were arranged to create a space that featured the most symbolic shoes in the history of the brand, highlighted by strategically placed lighting points in an otherwise dimly lit area.

NMD display

The new line of NMD products was exhibited in the context of a continuity from past to present to future. In order to unify the space under this motto, urban buildings and an extensive horizontally arranged cityscape were created. 14 pairs of shoes were casually placed in this environment to signify the symbolical exploration of the city.

Creators Essential

The intensive use of new technologies enabled the 8 artist groups to exceed the boundaries of their previous works. This area was reserved to share new works, based on memories of scenes and objects that inspired them in the streets, and transformed into new narratives. 
The process from the discovery of personal inspirations to the development of the tools and works that expressed their creativity was made approachable by a 360 VR experience.This area was located at the center of the event space and highlighted by an octagonal structure that marked the starting point for infinite explorations. A VR documentary was produced to provide a visually more immersive experience.

Stage & Exploration

The last point of the explorative journey could be reached via stairs leading to the Stage area where visitors could relax and enjoy performances. The stage was designed to connect to the feel of the other exhibition areas and allowed performers to communicate to all visitors equally. 
Another popular area was an observation platform from which the exhibition areas could be overlooked. In continuation to the previous exhibition course, the skyline was arranged to show the NMD’s DNA from this point of view, thus unifying the product’s identity with the space identity.